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News -Always check Schoology for weekly assignments.  Any assignments that you haven't done can be turned in late.                 
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Make up work this week Posted 5/26/20

Raymond Richart

*ASSIGNMENT due on May 15

How have things in your neighborhood changed during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Write 4 PARAGRAPHS, NOT 4 sentences..

1. Are people in your neighborhood wearing masks and how often do they wear them?

2. Are the members of your family wearing masks when they go out?

3. What kinds of activities do you see people in your neighborhood doing?

4. When do you think things will improve and are you nervous about returning to school too soon?

Mr. Richart's classes will be given one assignment each week until we return to school.  


*ASSIGNMENT due May 1.  Write at least one page about your favorite sport.  Tell me how the sport began, why you like it, tell me some of the rules, and tell me some of your favorite players.*


If you haven't turned in your list of foods have eaten over the last week,  start a new list and send it to me.  That assignment was given extra credit points.  


TUESDAY  1:00-1:30    Zoom class for Periods 1-3

THURSDAY 1:00-1:30   Zoom class for Periods 4-6

Go to        Personnael ID     355-326-5306

                                                   Password     510396


office hours


Monday, Wednesday,Friday            1:00-1:45 PM


New assignment due Friday May 15 but I will accept late.

Check Schoology for details.







Write 5 paragraphs

1.What do you miss about P.E. class and why?

2. What class do you miss the most and why?

3. What class do you miss the least and why?

4. What do you miss most about being in school?

5. How do you think you are doing with online learning?

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1:00pm - 1:45pm