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Ms. Lu





Online Office Hours

Morning Hours:   Tuesday and Thursday  11:00am-12:00pm


Afternoon Hours:  MWF  2:00pm-3:00pm


Health Zoom Hours:  Wednesday and Friday  12:00pm -12:50pm


Advisory Zoom Hours:  Monday 10:00am-10:50am

Research Website:

Weekly Assignments For All Health Classes-Periods 1, 2, 4, 5, 7



Please go to google  and download the textbook by typing under search "Lifetime Health pdf" and then press enter.  Then, click on the first one on the list to download the textbook.


Week of March 30: Read Chapter 6-Physical Fitness for Life and then write a one page summary on what you read.


Week of April 6-April 10:  Spring Break


Week of April 13:  Read Chapter 7-Nutrition for Life and then answer the questions on page 184: Critical Thinking question #24.


Week of April 20:  Read Chapter 8-Weight Management and Eating Behaviors and then complete review questions on page 210: #1-9.


Week of April 27:  Read Chapter 9-Understanding Drugs and Medicines and then take the Standardized Test Prep on page 237:#28-32.

Medical Terminology

Weekly Assignments


Please work on your research project from March 16-March 30.  


Week of March 30:  Case Study and Ponder This-Write a one page analysis and your reflection on both cases 


Week of April 6:  Spring Break  (April 6-April 10)


Week of April 13:  Vocabulary-Diseases and Conditions of the Lymphatic and Immune System (Define and illustrate or write one sentence with each word)


Weekly Assignments


Week of March 30:  College Research


Week of April 6:  Spring Break (April 6-April 10)








Current Assignments

Medical Terminology Class Only-Family Health History and Research Project

Please click on attached file for instruction on how to do the research assignment.  There are two parts of the assignment:


Part I:  The Interview due on March 30, 2010

            Assignment for Week March 16 and Week March 23


Part II:  Understanding the Disease due on April 10, 2010

             Assignment for Week March 30 and Week April 6

Assigned: 03/16/20 Category: Project Points: 100 Due: 04/10/20