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Contact Information:


Google Voice Number:

(760) 205-9061

*I am also available on the Remind App and on Schoology*

Virtual Office Hours: 

I will be readily available to answer any questions/concerns every Monday- Saturday from 10am-5pm through my email, Schoology, and the Remind App.

Weekly Zoom Check-In's 

Every week, I will I conducting Zoom Check-in Meetings to check-in with students/parents and offer support on class assignments and school concerns. 

Please click on the following link to access the meeting during your class's meeting time:


Zoom Meeting Times: 

Advisory- Monday from 10am-11am

ELA 10 H/ELA 10- Tuesday from 11am-12pm

ELD 4- Thursday from 11am-12pm 


Ms. Gomez's Class Page

Hello, My Beautiful Scholars!

I hope you are doing well! I miss you all terribly and I look forward to the day when we can all go back to our amazing classroom community! But until then, I will continue to support you and help you learn valuable English skills through our various online resources as we practice social distancing to keep our families and ourselves happy and healthy. 

Every week we will continue to practice indispensable reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in conjunction with new technological skills in order to become better 21st-century communicators, advocates, and researchers. I am so excited to see the amazing online discussions, projects, and essays we create together during this time! 

Because this is a new experience for all of us, I know that the transition to online learning may take time for us to master and that there might be obstacles, big and small, that we may have to overcome. That being said, just know that I am here for all of you for anything that you might need during this time. Whether you need help on an assignment/class or simply just need someone to talk to, I am here. You can always reach me through Schoology, the Remind App, my email and my google voice number! 

Take care and hope to check-in with all of you soon!

<3 Ms. Gomez


Gearing Up For Remote Learning!

Students will be submitting weekly assignments, discussion posts, and quizzes through Schoology using their Single-Sign On logins.  On Schoology, students will find weekly assignment folders updated every Monday with a variety of different assignments they will have to complete before Sunday night each week.  If students or parents need access to the Schoology course website, please do not hesitate to contact me through email at 


English 10/ English 10 Honors 

Week 1: 

  • Rhetorical Appeal Practice Test- Check your knowledge of the different rhetorical appeals before diving into the lesson

  • Logos, Pathos, Ethos Practice Discussion Boards- Watch, Read, and Listen to different examples of the different rhetorical appeals and have a class discussion about how they portray each of appeals

  • Logos, Pathos, Ethos- Individual Practice (Analyzing Ads #1)-  Watch Five Different Advertisements and identify the type of rhetorical appeal that is being used 

  • Rhetorical Appeals Quiz- Re-check the knowledge you've gained about Logos, Pathos, and Ethos

Week 2:  

  • Weekly Check-In

  • Rhetorical Devices: Individual Practice- Review and Identify the most common types of rhetorical devices used in persuasive writing

  • Analyzing Ads #2 (Rhetorical Devices and Appeals)- Analyze any ad from mainstream media and identify two examples of rhetorical appeals and rhetorical devices used.

  • Create an Ad Project- Using the, create an original ad that uses one of the rhetorical devices and rhetorical appeals we went over in class in order to appeal to a specific audience. 

Week 3:  

  • Weekly Check-In

  • Identifying Rhetorical Devices in Speeches- Students will color-code a famous speech (JFK's Inaugural Address/ MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech) to identify various rhetorical devices used in the speech

  • Letter to Government Official Assignment- Students will write a brief three-paragraph letter to a government using at least three of the rhetorical devices we went over in class. The letter must address how the government official can help support the student's community during the Coronavirus outbreak. 



Week 1: 

  • Pre-test: Listening Skills- Check Your Listening Skills before the start of the lesson 

  • Fill-In-The-Blank Listening Practice- Listen to an audio conversation and fill in the blanks of the conversation as you are listening. 

  • Transcribing a Conversation Practice- Listen to an audio conversation and practice transcribing what you hear

  • Listening to Academic Presentation Class Discussion- Listen to an NPR podcast on whether or not stores should be allowed to refuse cash and come up with your own argument using evidence from the podcast. 

  • Listening Skills Post-Test- Check to see how your listening skills have improved after practicing your listening skills!

Week 2:  

  • Weekly Check-In

  • Article Discussion "How Schools Are Handling the Coronavirus"-  Read NewsELA article and create discussion post on what perspectives are being shared in the article and how has the Coronavirus situation changed since the article was written. 

  •  Creating Primary Sources: Writing a Letter- Watch the short youtube video showing how people are refusing to stay inside during mandated quarantine. Write a letter to someone in your life who is refusing to take the COVID-19 situation seriously explaining to them why it is important to stay inside during this time. Make sure to address their possible concerns ( maybe they need to work, or are young and healthy) and tailor the letter specifically to them. 

  • Creating Primary Sources: Journaling Assignment- Keep a three-day journal this week documenting your lived experiences during this unique time in our nation's history. Describe what you are going through, your thoughts and reactions to the day's news/events, etc. 

    Week 3:  

  • Weekly Check-In

  • Identifying Different Types of Self-Care- Students will share the types of self-care they are partaking in during the school closure. 

  • Creating A Weekly Schedule/Workspace: Students will create a weekly schedule with daily routines that they will follow to keep themselves organized. Students will also find a suitable workspace in their home.  

10th Grade Advisory 

Week 1:

  • Career Google Slides Presentation- Continue with our career research and create a 4-slide google slides presentation where you showcase a career of your choice. make sure to include: job duties, required skills, education needed, salary/benefits

Week 2:

  • Check- Discussion Forum: Check- In with the Advisory class and let us know how you are doing this week!

Week 3:  

  • Creating A Weekly Schedule/Workspace: Students will create a weekly schedule with daily routines that they will follow to keep themselves organized. Students will also find a suitable workspace in their home.

Remind Codes 

Period 2 (ELD 4): @gomezper2

Period 3 (ELD 4): @eld4per3

Period 4 (ELA 10 H): @gomezper4

Period 5 (ELA 10 H): @jgomezp5

Period 6 (ELA 10): @gomezper6

Period 7 (ELA 10): @gomezper7