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Sonia Duroy


To all my students,


All assignments have been posted on Schoology. For any concerns regarding the assignments, please do not hesitate to send a message either through email or Schoology. I'm available during office hours. Stay safe and healthy along with your family.

Office Hours


Monday to  Friday

10:00 - 11:30 AM

4:00 - 5:30 PM

Current Assignments

Mentoring Class of 2020 ( Career

To all my advisory students of Class of 2020,

All assignments are posted in Schoology. I'm checking some of your portfolio artifacts through Schoology. always check for updates of assignments on this website. Stay safe and healthy.

For you to do:

1. Naviance Assignments

2. Porfolio Artifacts: If you have documents in your portfolio binders, then take a picture and submit to Schoology.


Assigned: 03/27/20 Category: Assignment Points: 100 Due: 04/24/20

Algebra 1B

Solving Quadratic equations by Factoring

   using Power point presentation

  For you to do:

 1. Use inter-active notebook, take some important key concepts ,

     examples with complete solutions.

 2. Practice # 1 - 4 , ( inter-active notebook)

     Copy the equations and solve

 3.  Short Quiz : Checking for understanding

      a. Answer # 1 - 4

      b. Submit to Schoology

 4. Please continue and complete your missing assignments in     with no late grades. Send me a message if you have difficulty in logging in and I will help you. Use your best time to work, stay safe and healthy.

Assigned: 03/29/20 Category: Assignment Points: 4 Due: 04/17/20

Algebra 2B

Lesson: Solving Right Triangles

Learning Objective: I am learning to use trigonometric ratio to solve the unknown side length in a right triangle.

For you to do:

1. Check you assignments in Schoology

2. Practice Exercises : Power Point Lesson

3. Checking for understanding : Short Quiz where: Power Point Lesson , submit to Schoology

4. Please complete any missing works in and if you have any problem logging in, send me a message and I will help you. Stay safe and healthy along with family.



Assigned: 03/30/20 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 04/17/20