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How Can I Participate in MESA?


In order to participate in MESA, a student must attend a school that offers the program-good news-Maya Angelou has MESA! If your child has a passion for math and science, wants to excel in these subjects and attend college in pursuit of a degree in a STEM field, please speak with Ms. Naponelli, Ms. Colindres, & Ms. Powell  to find out when we meet and if s/he is eligible to participate.

Melissa Naponelli

I am proud of Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School Students!

Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, you have risen to the occasion!

Keep working hard students! You got this!

These may be difficult times we are facing but you are survivors. We will keep pushing forward together as a family. Remember I am here for you! I am just an email or message away!

For more information on MESA please click on the links below!

Project rules for 2020-21 Competition

Resources for MESA Think Tank Project

College Prep

MESA’s college prep program sparks early interest in STEM by bridging classroom concepts to real-world practice, and inspires youth on their STEM journey to higher education and their    future success.

MESA Day events are geared to showcase students’ math and science know-how. These future technical professionals have spent months creating and designing math and science projects.

The project-based learning events include launching gliders, testing the strength of bridges, and evaluating human-centered design projects, and help to solidify the core math, science and engineering skills students learn in class. The competitions bridge classroom learning with real-world application and encourage students to think beyond what they learn in physics, calculus or geometry.

These experiences are particularly poignant for MESA students who attend low-performing schools, come from low socio-economic background and are typically the first in their families to attend college. For MESA Day rules please visit our resources page.


Arduino & Microbit

for Coding Solutions Project

follow the links below