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  Charlene Bennett (323) 846-4703 Assistant Principal

Charlene Bennett

Nurture our Students

"You cannot use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have"- Maya Angelou


At Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School, our students are encouraged to thrive and to find their inner passions, gifts and talent. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to nurturing young minds and providing students with opportunities that stretch beyond the classroom into real-world applications. Our various programs such as our Arts program, connects students with internships and various Art Contest in order to expose them with opportunities that the world can offer.  MAYA teachers work hard at designing interdisciplinary lessons, so that students make personal connections and can appreciate their rich cultural History.


Here at Maya, all students are treated as family and are encouraged by teachers and staff to become independent thinkers and to love and respect their community.


We encourage our students to Be Safe, to Be Respectful, to Be Responsible and most importantly, to Be On Time!