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LAUSD Responsible Use Policy

In order to use the ipads, computers, laptops or any technological device on campus, students need to have the following form filled out and returned to their advisory teacher.


Student Corner

Congratulations to Mr. Gochez and His Period 4 Class

This semester students from Mr. Gochez class learned about the Black Panther Party, the free breakfast program and other self-help programs that were initiated by the Panthers in our community. In that same spirit of solidarity and community empowerment, the students collected food, clothing, cans/bottles, blankets and fundraised nearly $600 to purchase hygiene kits for the homeless. Mr. Goches was able to secure a $500 grant from the California Credit Union for this project so combined the students purchased over $1,100 worth of resources for the people! 

On December 11, 2018, students were able to distribute everything that they collected and purchased to members of our community at the Avalon-Carver Community Center.

Ms. Davidson's class visited the Getty Center in November.  Below are some highlights from the trip.

Congratulations to ms. davidson art students