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  Melina Romero (Romero-Brambila) College and Career Counselor/Academic Counselor

Monday - Friday 

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 


Google Voice/Text: (323) 391-4766


ADD the cOLLEGE cENTER on Remind  

Text @maya2021 to 81010

College Center

Hello Students and Parents! We invite you to your college center to learn about various colleges and career paths that are perfect for you.

If you have any questions or want a one on one meeting, make sure to contact Ms.Romero and or Mr. Villaseñor, your college counselors!


c/o 2021 sTart here:

1.  Review your unofficial transcripts

2.  Contact a counselor immediately if you must retake an A-G course (you want to have a C or better)

3.  Become familiar with your CSU/UC GPA.

4. Browse the College Center Course on Schoology for "College and Scholarships" search under              -MATERIALS-

5.  Remember 2.9 CSU/UC GPA and above, we recommend you look at schools within the CSU, UC and Private College systems.

6. Remember that 2.0-2.85 CSU/UC GPA and above, look at schools within the CSU and private college systems.

7.  As applicable based on GPA, choose 4 CSUs, 4 UCs, 2 or more private schools to apply to.

8. ALL GPAs eligible for community college.

uc or CSU Bound:

1. Create your UC account-USE FULL LEGAL NAME     (No nicknames.  Add middle and double last names if applicable).

2. Create your CSU account-USE FULL LEGAL NAME (No nicknames.  Add middle and double last names if applicable).

3. Generate a new and professional e-mail address for college purposes ONLY.  

3. Keep all usernames and passwords in a safe place.

4. Keep a copy of your unofficial transcript handy.

5. Look out for scheduled workshops on the college center page (TBD).

6. Prepare your writing components (PIQs, EOP questions) by using the links provided her and or the Schoology course: College Center Section 1.

College Counselor Office Villasenor Office
College Center Updates
California Community Colleges
CA Community Colleges
Community College Info
Community College Info
Click on Zoom link above and enter passcode: 260418

Application timelines

University of California- Aug .1 to Nov. 30

California State University-Oct. 1 to Nov. 30

Private Colleges- VARY BY SCHOOL

FAFSA- Oct 1. to Mar. 2

DREAM ACT- Oct. 1 to Mar. 2

Community Colleges- Rolling/Year-Round Admission 



Frequently asked questions

  • Who is a resident of California?
    If you have lived in California for more than a year and a day (366 Days) you are a California resident. This also applies for your parents.
  • Can I apply for Financial Aid If I am Undocumented?
    Yes! In California you have access to financial aid! You will be completing the DREAM Act.
  • My parents don't have a social security number, can I still apply for financial aid?
    Yes! You still qualify for financial aid, for their social security number enter 000-0000.