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Contact Geovana Acosta  Geovana Acosta Teacher
Contact Maria Alonzo  Maria Alonzo Teacher
Contact Charlene Bennett  Charlene Bennett Assistant Principal
Contact Luis Borjas  Luis Borjas Staff
Contact Raina Burton  Raina Burton Teacher
Contact Maria Canafax  Maria Canafax Teacher
Contact Frank Carillo  Frank Carillo Teacher
Contact Hugo Carlos  Hugo Carlos Principal
Contact Sau Chung  Sau Chung Teacher
Contact Carla Colindres  Carla Colindres Staff
Contact David D'Lugo  David D'Lugo Teacher
Contact Valerie Davidson  Valerie Davidson Teacher
Contact Sean Doherty  Sean Doherty Teacher
Contact Levent Doswell  Levent Doswell Teacher
Contact Sonia Duroy  Sonia Duroy Teacher
Contact Arturo Escandon  Arturo Escandon Teacher
Contact Arturo Escandon  Arturo Escandon Staff
Contact Loida Fernando  Loida Fernando Teacher
Contact Leticia Ferreira  Leticia Ferreira Teacher
Contact Paula Fonseca Bai  Paula Fonseca Bai Teacher
Contact Paula Fonseca Bai  Paula Fonseca Bai Staff
Contact Araceli Garcia  Araceli Garcia Teacher
Contact Elsa Garcia-Sanda  Elsa Garcia-Sanda Staff
Contact Mark Gauthier  Mark Gauthier Teacher
Contact Ronald Gochez  Ronald Gochez Teacher
Contact Gregory Gonzalez  Gregory Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Hyeonju Goodwin  Hyeonju Goodwin Teacher
Contact Satie Gossett  Satie Gossett Teacher
Contact Antonio Guzman  Antonio Guzman Teacher
Contact Elise Hernandez  Elise Hernandez Teacher
Contact Giselle Hernandez  Giselle Hernandez Staff
Contact Daniel Hirshberg  Daniel Hirshberg Teacher
Contact Madiina Hussein  Madiina Hussein Teacher
Contact Robert Hyre  Robert Hyre Teacher
Contact Tracy Jaffe  Tracy Jaffe Teacher
Contact Malik Jefferson  Malik Jefferson Assistant Principal
Contact Margaret Leisegana  Margaret Leisegana Teacher
Contact Jackie Lopez  Jackie Lopez Teacher
Contact Brittney Lu  Brittney Lu Teacher
Contact Toby Madubuko  Toby Madubuko Teacher
Contact Olga Martinez  Olga Martinez Teacher
Contact Thomas Medina  Thomas Medina Teacher
Contact Gabriel Mendez  Gabriel Mendez Assistant Principal
Contact Jasmin Morales  Jasmin Morales Staff
Contact Vanessa Morales  Vanessa Morales Staff
Contact Vanessa Morales  Vanessa Morales Sys Admin
Contact Melissa Naponelli  Melissa Naponelli Staff
Contact Rena Page  Rena Page Teacher
Contact Ruffin Patterson  Ruffin Patterson Teacher
Contact Verna Paul  Verna Paul Staff
Contact Verna Paul  Verna Paul Sys Admin
Contact Meelina Powell  Meelina Powell Teacher
Contact Carolina Quintana  Carolina Quintana Staff
Contact Raymond Richart  Raymond Richart Teacher
Contact Jesus Rocha  Jesus Rocha Assistant Principal
Contact Rosemarie Sibley  Rosemarie Sibley Teacher
Contact Mark Smith  Mark Smith Teacher
Contact Edgar Torres  Edgar Torres Teacher
Contact Veronica Torres  Veronica Torres Assistant Principal/System Admin
Contact Kendra Vandermeer  Kendra Vandermeer Teacher
Contact John Walker  John Walker Teacher
Contact Lanai Wiley  Lanai Wiley Teacher
Contact Craig Zimmerman  Craig Zimmerman Teacher

School Faculty

The Maya Team

English Department:

Mr. Aghamal

Ms. Burton

Ms. Diaz

Ms. Garcia

Ms. Gomez

Mr. Madubuko

Ms. Vandermeer

Ms. Wiley

Math Department:

Mr. Carillo

Ms. Chung

Ms. Duroy

Ms. Escolero

Mr. Jong

Ms. Powell

Mr. Smith

Mr. Walker

Electives Department:

Ms. Davidson, Art

Mr. D'Lugo, Art

Mr. Hyre, Art

Ms. Lu, Health

Mr. Torres, Music

Ms. Ferreira, Spanish

Ms. Jaffe, Spanish

Ms. Leisegang, Spanish

Ms. Gossett, Video Production

History Department:

Mr. Gochez

Mr. Guzman

Mr. Hirshberg

Ms. Ho

Mr. Patterson

Science Department:

Ms. Fernando

Ms. Lopez

Ms. Page

Ms. Sibley

Ms. Alonzo

Physical Education Department:

Ms. Doswell

Mr. Richart

Special Education Department:

Ms. Acosta

Ms. Canafax

Mr. Gauthier

Mr. Gonzalez

Ms. Goodwin

Ms. Hernandez

Ms. Hussein

Ms. Martinez

Mr. Medina

Mr. Zimmerman

Maya Angelou Support Team

Ms. Hernanez A - G Counselor
Ms. Garcia-Sanda College Empowerment
Ms. Johnson-Huey A - G Counselor
Ms. Naponelli Coordinator
Ms. Morales


Ms. Paul Counselor
Ms. Colindres EL Coach
Mr. Escandon Intervention Coordinator
Ms. Fonseca Librarian
Mr. Oporto Nurse
Ms. Morales PSA
Mr. Borjas PSW
Ms. Edwards Psychologist