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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The vision of Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School is to create a school climate that supports the development of proactive students capable of utilizing their academic and social foundations in the Arts, Technology and Multimedia to become transformative learners and leaders, through the perspective of social justice, in their own life and community.

Our Mission

Dr. Maya Angelou CHS is an educational community that supports and challenges students to discover their passions and realize there potential.

  • We provide a rigorous, integrated Arts, Technology and Multimedia curriculum that fosters critical thinking and intellectual curiosity through the perspective of social justice.
  • We strive to create and sustain a collaborative teaching and learning environment that stimulates innovation and fosters entrepreneurship for our staff and students.
  • We encourage students to develop meaningful relationships with peers and faculty through collaboration rooted in empathy, respect and responsibility.
  • We support students to become leaders and life-long learners, strengthening their capacity to collaborate and contribute positively to their communities.
  • We embrace possibility (dreaming), promote challenge seeking (critical thinkers), seek challenges (exertion and struggle) and encourage risk-taking (adventure, exploration and discovery).
  • We seek to graduate motivated, courageous, committed and ethical students who take responsibility for their own physical, mental, spiritual and social-emotional wellbeing.
  • We endeavor to strengthen each student’s voice in a diverse and culturally rich society.

Our Philosophy

Our goals and purpose reflect our community’s high expectations that our students develop skills as a whole person for life-long learning and leadership. As we progress toward our goals, our students will increasingly reflect the characteristics our community values: students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers and collaborators; who possess a passion for innovation and creativity, perseverance and grit, and enthusiasm for learning; who are technologically proficient and able to participate in a digitally-driven, media-rich society. Our students will be empowered to advocate for themselves and their community.

MACHS School Wide Learner Outcomes

Graduates of Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School will be:

Motivated Academic Achievers

Autonomous and Collaborative Learners

Critical Thinkers and Problem-Solvers

Highly Motivated Scholars

Socially Responsible Citizens